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Twilight Gallery + creativeLIVE Winner(s)!

About a month ago I co-hosted a contest with two of my favorite places, Twilight Gallery, where my work was recently hanging, and creativeLIVE, where I recently taught a workshop. These elements combined to choose one featured artist whose work would hang in Twilight Gallery. The submissions were AMAZING. We had the hardest time…but also […]

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April Contest Winners! Theme: Emotion

Well, let’s get right down to business! The theme for the contest this month was “EMOTION”, and boy did that theme go over well. What I have concluded is that emotion is such a wonderful place to draw inspiration from, and there was no lack of it in this round of images submitted. Our guest […]

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Contest #5 Winners: Motion

November seemed to be a great month for movement. There were so many submissions to the contest this month, and even after I went through all of them I still had a 3 page document of links that I wanted to include in this blog post! But I had to narrow it down, and my […]

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