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Danielle & Chad Get Married

Times I will photograph a wedding: if I love someone very, very dearly. My cousin is 5 years younger than me. She is 21 years old now, the same age as when I got married. Some of my most vivid memories of her are when we visited the Grand Canyon, she was 11 and I […]

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Brooke Shaden + creativeLIVE = Happiest Time Ever!

Oh honestly now, how am I supposed to start writing about an experience as massive, life-changing, and jaw-dropping as creativeLIVE? I am truly stumped, as I have been for days, hence my putting off writing these words. I thought something brilliant would come to me, but since it hasn’t I decided to write from the […]

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An Accidental Wedding…I Swear!

So, you know how last month I posted that big wedding photography blog (found here!) where I stated emphatically that I would never do more wedding photography…well, it turns out I lied, but not on purpose! My friend Sonalii texted me on a Tuesday and asked if I would come to her rather spur-of-the-moment wedding […]

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An Honest Look at My First Wedding Photography Experience

First thing to point out here is the most obvious: I shot a wedding. Second thing to point out here is the most important: I am not a wedding photographer. Third thing I should point out: I don’t want to be a wedding photographer. Okay, now that we have that in the open, let me […]

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A Convention, Wedding, and Premiere – Oh My!

I have admittedly been MIA for the past two weeks as I’ve been traveling all over the States and have had every single one of those days jam-packed with a busy scheduled. I started out my travelings by going to Dallas. I had a layover in Denver, CO and got to see the great Rocky […]

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