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Textures of White Hill Mansion – Free Download

“I get by with a little help from my friends…” And in that spirit, I wanted to give these new textures to anyone who would like to use them. They are free to download by clicking the image, or by clicking this link. These textures were all shot at White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro New […]

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Textures of Home – Free Download!

I am writing with so much joy today. The first of many textures packs is available for you to download. When I started taking pictures I was so incredibly thankful for people who were willing to help out creatives who might not have the funds available to buy things like textures, and so I offer […]

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“Les Mis” Texture Pack

While I was in England I got to teach workshops at the same location that the movie Les Miserables was filmed, and I was so inspired by everything I saw…including the textures. On my second day of teaching there I decided to run around with my camera and capture some of those lovely textures so […]

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The Almost Circus and Invisible Audience

Sometimes, we just have to push ourselves. One day I was looking through my portfolio and feeling like I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. I started thinking about things I had never done before: techniques, colors, anything that would present a challenge that I could run with and have fun. About 2 […]

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Textures of Hearst Castle…Free Download!

Alo! I thought it was well past time to create a new texture pack. I spent part of a day at the Hearst Castle in California, touring the grounds and part of the mansion, and I was in awe of the beautiful texture everything had. About halfway through my tour I realized that I should […]

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Textures of India

Adding texture to my photographs is something that makes my pictures feel finished when I am going through the editing process. It is usually the last step when editing, but also a very important one. A great texture can give a grungy look to an image, as well as a painterly effect. You can make […]

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New Series: “Fears & Fairytales”

Sometimes creating less is creating more. After looking deeply at my creation process and deciding to take a new road, this is where it has lead me. I have started two new series of images, one which I will write about here, and another that I am saving for a later date. The first of […]

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