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All You Need is a Little Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

How many times have you found yourself reaching for a big goal, climbing the ladder upwards, only to look up and see that the ladder has grown, shot through the clouds, no end in sight? I find this happening from time to time; I go after a dream, I start climbing the ladder that I […]

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The Tide that Takes Us

The most beautiful thing has happened in my image-making life, and it has nothing to do with business opportunities, awards, exhibitions or success. It has to do with something entirely more important: creating. At the core of what every artist does is to create from the raw and unprocessed material that our imagination conjures up. […]

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Series: “Frozen in Water”

This shoot is all about beauty in darkness. The water, the unknown, and the beauty of diving in head first. I have a fear of water, so participating in this shoot as a model was a challenge for me, but one that I would do again and again. The end result speaks so much to […]

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Shooting in a Sewer

The other week I had the pleasure of finding a lovely little spot in my neighborhood park…and by lovely I mean gross, and by little I mean really big. It was a giant sewer where a bunch of algae and dirt passes through. Usually it is gated off, but this day it was open and […]

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Creating “The Leaves of Linden Avenue”

I don’t know how many other people do this, but I keep a folder on my desktop called “In Progress” and it contains every picture that I’m currently working on. In truth, it mostly contains all of the pictures I should¬†work on but am not working on. And beyond that, it mostly mostly¬†contains pictures that […]

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For the love of…

We all know the feeling of getting negative feedback on a picture. You spend lots of time creating something, you’re proud of it, you show it off, and then BOOM…”I don’t like it” or “I don’t get it” or “I don’t something something something”. It is only fair after all that we get a range […]

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Looking Ahead: 2011 in Review

I know it is rather obvious and unavoidable to run into so many end-of-the-year-recaps, but I fall into that category of people who just can’t help themselves. I will probably recap my year every year until I die in some sort of blog-type-thing, or maybe just in my head in years to come. Either way…one […]

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