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What to Do When Your Boat Won’t Float

When I was teaching on creativeLIVE I shot a boat in the studio. We couldn’t turn all the lights off in the studio so the subject and boat had a lot of unwanted light on her, and I was a bit confused in editing about what to do with the shot. It is neat on […]

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creativeLIVE Photo Week Images

My second time at the creativeLIVE studios was just amazing, as I knew it would be. To be around such hard working and dedicated people is truly a gift and I do not take it for granted. The best part? Getting to meet the students and spending time with them outside of the classroom. We […]

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Workshops & Exploration in Boston and Toronto!

Well now! Where to begin! I recently returned home from a week long trip to Boston, Massachusetts and Toronto, Ontario…Despite living about a 6 hour drive from Boston my whole life, I never really explored there and only found myself driving through on trips to Maine. Toronto was a whole other deal altogether. I had […]

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Workshops: The Traveling Duo

I have always wanted to travel but have never been able to, at least not outside of the United States. Workshops have given me the perfect excuse, and so at the end of January I’ll be traveling to the UK to teach workshops alongside Miss Aniela. She will be visiting Los Angeles first so we […]

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