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Finding Inspiration & Motivation in the Face of Adversity

This week I received an email from a most beautiful soul, asking if I would write about the topic of how to find inspiration when life is getting you down. I’m extremely empathetic and I take on others pain and joy very easily, and after reading her email, I cried for her. And if I […]

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A Little Smile Goes a Long Way

I’m going to write about something that might not be the newest of topics, but since I felt the need to say it and hear it, I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it as well. The internet is a polarizing place. There are people who are positive and happy and there are those […]

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The Salton Sea & Sand Dunes

I went away last weekend to visit the Salton Sea, a little known AMAZING place southeast of Los Angeles. The sea is dying, and the fish that were carried there from the Colorado River died and can now be found in the form of bones on the beaches. Abandoned buildings abound and the entire area […]

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The Joy of Nothing

The things we can do with $5 and a little imagination are plentiful. The things we can do with so little are incredible. The things we can make out of nothing astound. We call ourselves creatives, and sometimes our actions show that more than others. I got to thinking about what makes me tick, the […]

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Thanking Yourself

Every Thanksgiving I write a list of reasons why I am thankful. That list is always impossibly long and getting longer each year. My family, my friends, my career, where I live, my cats…it is an obvious list, that is certain, but of course it means something to me. Everyone who celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday […]

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2011: A Year in Photos

Each year that goes by, I like to look back at the photos I’ve taken and pick out my favorites: the ones that best represented my photographic journey for the year. Each year I compile them into a blog post and share that with whomever will look, talking about what I liked about the journey. […]

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Who We Think We Should Be, and Who We Should Be

For as long as I can remember I have had people to look up to, people who look up to me, and people who simply pass me by yet somehow make an imprint on my life. I’ve had influences from all walks of life. I’d had experiences that build on top of each other to […]

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The Effects of Positivity

Positivity is a strong and loud part of my life. I think about being positive all the time. I have several little mantras that I tell myself all the time in order to stay on track and live happily. I like to put positive vibes out into the world because the happier people are, the […]

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