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Capture Inspiration Photo Retreat in Los Angeles: New Year’s Style!

Congratulations to Farraha of Farraha Lynn Photography – I can’t wait to spend time with you in Los Angeles in January! Thank you to SongFreedom for agreeing to fly her out to spend the weekend with us! The video Farraha recorded is private and will not be shared, but suffice it to say she melted […]

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Textures of White Hill Mansion – Free Download

“I get by with a little help from my friends…” And in that spirit, I wanted to give these new textures to anyone who would like to use them. They are free to download by clicking the image, or by clicking this link. These textures were all shot at White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro New […]

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The Freedom of Choice

Think about your average week. It is very likely that someone wants something from you, that you put pressure on yourself to get things done, and that you feel a little bit stuck. I often feel like this; like I will let someone down if I don’t complete all of the tasks on my list. […]

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creativeLIVE Recap!

I am writing this at 6am in my hotel room in Seattle. The sun is just barely starting to come up and the clouds are deep blue with that slight glow that tells me I could be out shooting right now in the most beautiful light…but instead, I am compelled to write, albeit quickly, about […]

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Textures of Home – Free Download!

I am writing with so much joy today. The first of many textures packs is available for you to download. When I started taking pictures I was so incredibly thankful for people who were willing to help out creatives who might not have the funds available to buy things like textures, and so I offer […]

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All You Need is a Little Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

How many times have you found yourself reaching for a big goal, climbing the ladder upwards, only to look up and see that the ladder has grown, shot through the clouds, no end in sight? I find this happening from time to time; I go after a dream, I start climbing the ladder that I […]

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My New Home, Part One

I don’t like to over-share when it comes to my personal life…my relationship, my home…these things help my heart beat. I am a homebody through and though. I love being with my husband above all else, he is my best friend. I love being home more than I enjoy the thrill of an airplane ride […]

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My Favorite Lazy Sunday

I love to create. This is no secret. I love taking pictures, editing pictures…heck I even like waking up at 4am to go on a 2 hour car drive to take a picture at sunrise. So today I wanted to show you what my favorite “Lazy Sunday” would be like. I went on a shoot […]

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Then and Now: How We Grow

Someone asked me the other day how I think I’ve grown in the last couple of years. I started thinking long and hard about that question and how I would answer it. I think it says a lot about a person not just to understand who they are now, but about how they have changed. […]

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creativeLIVE…Boats and Flowers and Chandeliers, Oh My!

I was fortunate enough to appear on creativeLIVE to teach a 3 day course about my workflow in May this year, and it was one of the highlights of my life. Everything from the people who gave me so many hugs, to the ability to reach a larger audience with messages of inspiration, were so […]

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