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What You Should Know About the Artist in Your Life

Either you are an artist, you know an artist, or you know someone who wants to be an artist. I think it is safe to assume that statistically this is most likely true. Being an Artist is a dream that lets you dream, it is an intangible thing that requires belief more than a degree. […]

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5 Things, Week 4

A weekly dose of happiness :) 5 happy things that happened this week. #1: An Overcast Day Overcast days are pretty hard to come by in the summer in Los Angeles, so when a cloudy day comes my way I always grab my camera and tripod and run for it! This time I literally did […]

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5 Things, Week 3

Reasons why my week was good, rather than the things that went quite wrong! I hope you had some lovely things happen to you this week, and if you’d care to share I’d love to hear to get my daily dose of happy :) #1: Papa Johns! I discovered that Papa Johns has vegan pizza […]

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Working Around the 9-5

In this blog post I’ll be sharing my experience working 40+ hours a week while also carrying on with a photography business. I know that a lot of people struggle with being creative while also working a job outside of their creative outlet. Often times people think it is nearly impossible to continue with creativity […]

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Live Passionately

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Passion can easily turn into a word that is so often thrown out into the world, uttered by people who seem to have a distinct lack of passion or by people who say it so often, that it loses […]

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Who You Were, and Who You Are

Ever since I can remember I have always talked about the many ways in which I haven’t changed much from the time I was a child to now that I am an adult. I would say that I have been the same height and weight for ten years, that I have had the same hair […]

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Looking Ahead: 2011 in Review

I know it is rather obvious and unavoidable to run into so many end-of-the-year-recaps, but I fall into that category of people who just can’t help themselves. I will probably recap my year every year until I die in some sort of blog-type-thing, or maybe just in my head in years to come. Either way…one […]

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The Salton Sea & Sand Dunes

I went away last weekend to visit the Salton Sea, a little known AMAZING place southeast of Los Angeles. The sea is dying, and the fish that were carried there from the Colorado River died and can now be found in the form of bones on the beaches. Abandoned buildings abound and the entire area […]

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