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8 Thoughts That Motivate Me to Chase Success

1. Redefine Success. Do not allow the meaning of success to be reduced to money, fame or possessions. Do not allow the magnitude that is success to be diminished by believing it is only for a select few. Do not allow success to slip through your fingers because you believe you are not deserving. Redefine […]

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The Joy of Beginnings

I had a really amazing experience recently during a workshop I was teaching. I decided to open up my Flickr page to show the very first images I ever created. I like those images. I am proud of the work that I did to create them and I like sharing them with people. There are, however, […]

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I Hope I Can Be as Good as ______ Someday…

I see these words flying around the internet every single day: “I hope I can be as good as ______ someday”. When I say every day, I mean every single day. It is likely that everyone reading this has thought this way at one time or another. I think that the reason behind why we think this […]

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Throw it Away

Comparison to others is a learned trait, and so stopping that trend is also something that must be learned. It is far safer to follow someone else into the unknown on a path that is proven to work, but this path makes us forget about why we are on the journey in the first place. […]

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The Journey, not the Result

The other day I was looking back through my Flickr stream with friends and we all sort of laughed about some of my earlier pictures. Some were pretty comical and didn’t reflect my style at all, while others showed promise and provided a light as to where my style might go. Someone asked me, “Why […]

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