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Finding Inspiration & Motivation in the Face of Adversity

This week I received an email from a most beautiful soul, asking if I would write about the topic of how to find inspiration when life is getting you down. I’m extremely empathetic and I take on others pain and joy very easily, and after reading her email, I cried for her. And if I […]

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A Little Smile Goes a Long Way

I’m going to write about something that might not be the newest of topics, but since I felt the need to say it and hear it, I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it as well. The internet is a polarizing place. There are people who are positive and happy and there are those […]

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What Do You Have to Give?

I read a really captivating paragraph the other day that was essentially telling people to share what they have with the world. The point of it was that if you share what you have to give, others will grow and succeed with you. This is a mindset that I admittedly did not adopt when I […]

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