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creativeLIVE Photo Week Images

My second time at the creativeLIVE studios was just amazing, as I knew it would be. To be around such hard working and dedicated people is truly a gift and I do not take it for granted. The best part? Getting to meet the students and spending time with them outside of the classroom. We […]

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6 Steps to Staying Motivated

A couple of weeks ago someone wrote to me explaining a problem that not only she has, but most likely everyone has had: STAYING MOTIVATED! She explained that she is in college studying art and photography, and she thought that she would feel more motivated than ever to create. Instead, the opposite seems to be […]

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The Swift Travels of Wind-Blown Sails

First thing is first…I have always loved Jonathan Swift. I remember having a literary crush on him the first time I read “A Modest Proposal”, and

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Creating Black Smoke

After posting my last photo called “Wild Birds Burning” I got a few questions about how I put it together, so I wanted to address some of those questions and see if it can help anyone. First, if you haven’t seen it, this is the behind the scenes video showing a lot of my shooting […]

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It Can Be Done

I was 21 years old.  I picked a DSLR up for the first time. I thought about what I wanted to shoot. The first words out of my mouth were these: “I want to make it look like someone is half underground and half above ground…stuck in the earth.” Needless to say, I did not […]

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Dealing with the Wrong Light

I try very hard to always shoot in the type of light that defines my personal style. Overcast days, magic hour, shaded spots…these are all perfect scenarios for the kind of light that I love to shoot it. It provides even, diffused light for the subject which allows for, in some people’s words, a rather […]

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Tips on Exhibiting Your Art

I hope you will excuse quite a business oriented post, though I feel the topic is important and it is actually very fun for me to talk about. When I started my career I wanted very much to be an exhibited artist – you know, prints hanging in galleries and all the jazz that comes […]

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Creative Portraiture Book!

It is no secret that I love Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela. She started out as an inspiration to me and now we are great friends, thanks to the internet and our love for teaching workshops. In 2010 she traveled to America to teach with me, and then in 2011 I was able to travel […]

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The Process of Shooting 3 Images

I recently had the pleasure of shooting one of the most perfect dresses I can imagine. Now normally I don’t pay huge attention to wardrobe in the sense that I am not shooting fashion. I care very much about the costume my model wears, but I don’t get overly excited about a gorgeous dress or […]

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An Honest Look at My First Wedding Photography Experience

First thing to point out here is the most obvious: I shot a wedding. Second thing to point out here is the most important: I am not a wedding photographer. Third thing I should point out: I don’t want to be a wedding photographer. Okay, now that we have that in the open, let me […]

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