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What Do You Have to Give?

I read a really captivating paragraph the other day that was essentially telling people to share what they have with the world. The point of it was that if you share what you have to give, others will grow and succeed with you. This is a mindset that I admittedly did not adopt when I […]

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European Tour: Looking Back

At the end of July I set out on a plane heading towards Berlin, Germany. The flight was nice, having slept for a lot of it with the heads of two of my closest friends resting on each shoulder. Our layover in Munich was spectacular due to the breathtaking clouds which I found to be […]

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Workshops & Exploration in Boston and Toronto!

Well now! Where to begin! I recently returned home from a week long trip to Boston, Massachusetts and Toronto, Ontario…Despite living about a 6 hour drive from Boston my whole life, I never really explored there and only found myself driving through on trips to Maine. Toronto was a whole other deal altogether. I had […]

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