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Finding Strength

We are all strong in our own ways. There are plenty of ways that I am sure I come off as weak. For one, I’m scared of the dark. Yesterday I cried while reading a greeting card in the market, and then again when I passed the dead fish. So, perhaps, in some areas, I’m […]

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Hello Fear, Please Stay Awhile

If I had to think up one thing that has been the most consistent in my whole life, from my earliest memories until now, it has been fear. I have always been abnormally afraid of everything. I’ve already written on this topic so I won’t go too far in explaining, but let’s just say, it […]

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Words That Motivate Me

Sometimes our biggest downfall is that we believe the art we imagine is better than the art we will produce. This causes lack of motivation. This causes ideas to flow but never to be realized. This is fear taking over life. The biggest reason people fail is because they don’t try enough times to get […]

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Fear is the Mind Killer

I got this tattoo on my arm about 5 years ago that reads “Fear is the mind killer.” It was inspired by my favorite book, Dune, by Frank Herbert. Here is the whole passage: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. […]

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The Time for Looking Up

One of the things that I fear most, and that I believe most people fear most, is disappointment. It can come in all forms: feeling that someone is disappointed with you, feeling disappointed in yourself, being disappointed with circumstances. No matter what form, it comes in all shapes and sizes and can be a terrible […]

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