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Shooting in a Challenging Situation

The 5th episode of the Framed Show’s “The Concept” aired recently, which features myself and powerhouse photographer Lindsay Adler duking it out to see what we create with the same location and concept. During this episode we were challenged to shoot at Coney Island and our theme was “twins”. I adored this day like no […]

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Words That Motivate Me

Sometimes our biggest downfall is that we believe the art we imagine is better than the art we will produce. This causes lack of motivation. This causes ideas to flow but never to be realized. This is fear taking over life. The biggest reason people fail is because they don’t try enough times to get […]

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Inspiration Through Experience

I set out on a road trip, driving about 8 hours out of California with my husband and kitties. We had barely made it out of Los Angeles with traffic piling up, accidents on the road, and other unforeseeable events. The morning was slow, and we were trapped in that bubble, but accepting of it […]

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