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Yes, I Like My Pictures

Somehow it can feel naughty to say that I like my own pictures. Have you ever felt that? That you would somehow be perceived as not being humble, or being narcissistic, if you said that you love what you do? I don’t love every single picture that I take, hence why I only show 50% […]

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Creating “The Way Life Grows”

Last week I was asked on Youtube if I would mind posting a sped up version of an image edit, and so I decided to go ahead and try it out! I made the video for a longer tutorial that goes out to my workshoppers, and that made it easier to make this! ┬áMusic by […]

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Creating Black Smoke

After posting my last photo called “Wild Birds Burning” I got a few questions about how I put it together, so I wanted to address some of those questions and see if it can help anyone. First, if you haven’t seen it, this is the behind the scenes video showing a lot of my shooting […]

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Wild Birds Burning

If there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that I am very much enjoying taking my time with my new pictures and making sure I can go to bed at night knowing I did my best in trying to create them. I went into this new year with a new perspective […]

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Dealing with the Wrong Light

I try very hard to always shoot in the type of light that defines my personal style. Overcast days, magic hour, shaded spots…these are all perfect scenarios for the kind of light that I love to shoot it. It provides even, diffused light for the subject which allows for, in some people’s words, a rather […]

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