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Capture Inspiration Photo Retreat in Los Angeles: New Year’s Style!

Congratulations to Farraha of Farraha Lynn Photography – I can’t wait to spend time with you in Los Angeles in January! Thank you to SongFreedom for agreeing to fly her out to spend the weekend with us! The video Farraha recorded is private and will not be shared, but suffice it to say she melted […]

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Capture Inspiration Photo Retreat Contest

Ever since having some really intimate and amazing experiences this year with other creatives where we could truly bond over a period of time and learn from each other, I wanted to replicate that situation in workshop form. I decided to start teaching photo retreats, where roughly 10 individuals could spend 2 1/2 days living […]

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Twilight Gallery + creativeLIVE Winner(s)!

About a month ago I co-hosted a contest with two of my favorite places, Twilight Gallery, where my work was recently hanging, and creativeLIVE, where I recently taught a workshop. These elements combined to choose one featured artist whose work would hang in Twilight Gallery. The submissions were AMAZING. We had the hardest time…but also […]

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MORPHO & Twilight Galleries

Hi All! Just a quick post to share more information about my two exhibitions that I have going on right now, and shortly! First, MORPHO gallery (an extension of Morren Galleries) is showing my work as a solo exhibition from May 26-July 21. They are showing a lot of new works, all very large, so […]

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Mystery & Intrigue Contest Winners!

This contest was very difficult for me…So difficult that I am only now sharing the results 18 days past the deadline. I struggled a lot here, because of the variety of images submitted. There is a winner, but the rest are honorable mentions as I felt so incredibly strongly about so many of the images […]

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“Nature” Contest Winners!

About 20 minutes after beginning to judge this contest I already had one full page of links written down as my “short list”, which ended up being my absurdly long list. I was really touched by so many images in this contest, so I urge you – if you are looking for inspiration, search the […]

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Contest #5 Winners: Motion

November seemed to be a great month for movement. There were so many submissions to the contest this month, and even after I went through all of them I still had a 3 page document of links that I wanted to include in this blog post! But I had to narrow it down, and my […]

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