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What I Learned from Children

When we talk about memories and consciousness, and the first time that we can vividly remember something from our childhood, I think back to one specific moment. I was climbing a tree. It had a fence next to it to block our neighbors view. It was tall and knotted and perfectly suited to climb. Looking […]

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What Does it Mean to Grow Up?

“You’ll be able to do that when you’re older…” “Just wait until you grow up a little bit more…” “You aren’t old enough yet…” For most of our childhood we are given cues, both subtle and apparent, that tell us we need to and will grow up eventually. It tells us that we are still […]

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Most people at some point growing up, or even as grown ups, get scared of the dark. There is security in being able to see what is around you that makes you feel safe. If you can see, you can prevent. Darkness, however, seems altogether unnatural unless we are slumbering. To sit wide awake in […]

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