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Looking Ahead: 2011 in Review

I know it is rather obvious and unavoidable to run into so many end-of-the-year-recaps, but I fall into that category of people who just can’t help themselves. I will probably recap my year every year until I die in some sort of blog-type-thing, or maybe just in my head in years to come. Either way…one […]

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Texture Giveaway!

The other day I was doing a portfolio review with someone and we both noted that when he used textures it gave his pictures an extra special…something. Neither of us could quite put a word on what we meant, except for using the word: THICK So, what in the world does it mean to say […]

2011: A Year in Photos

Each year that goes by, I like to look back at the photos I’ve taken and pick out my favorites: the ones that best represented my photographic journey for the year. Each year I compile them into a blog post and share that with whomever will look, talking about what I liked about the journey. […]

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When Editing Confuses…

I will be the first to say that planning a shoot ahead of time will not only save an artist shooting and editing time, it will also be more likely to make the process go smoother as well. However, there are times when, despite thorough planning, an image just doesn’t come out as you envisioned. […]

Wait…You’re How Old?

There are all sorts of stigmas associated with age. Sometimes it is a wonderful thing to be young. You have your life ahead of you, you have a more innocent view of the world, and, if you’re lucky, you have time. Being of an older age is also beneficial, especially when the topic is of […]

Recent Travels: Death Valley and Texas

I always considered myself someone who never got to travel that much. Being from the northeast coast of the United States, it was common to drive through lots of little states but never really see them, or to vacation in on the coast which looked quite like all the other states. It didn’t really feel […]

Fairy Tales: Living Worlds

When I was little I was never particularly fascinated with fairy tales, or at least no more than I was with several other childlike stories. I never read the fairy tales or saw movies based on them. I never heard a Grimm fairy tale, but instead only knew that they were darker versions of the […]

The Reality of Flight

When I was little my biggest inspiration was flight. I was never fascinated by airplanes or butterflies or anything like that, but something more personal: human flight. Until I was quite old I believed that every person flies once in their life. This stems from a very lovable lie that my mom told me when […]

The Questionable Nature of Interconnectedness

Yesterday as I was sitting at Starbucks I had my computer out, booting it up and signing on the internet. The internet would not connect, despite multiple tries. My intern said to me “What do you want to do online” and my response was “Nothing”. I realized in that instant that I literally did not […]

The [Framed] Experience

I recently had the pleasure of being visited by the [Framed] crew so that they could film an episode on my work for their show. For those who are not familiar with the show, it is a photography oriented show that puts out episodes each week dedicated to all things photography! Sometimes the episodes are […]