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Embrace the Change

This blog post is about hair. To many, hair is a simple enough thing. Some people have it, some people don’t. Some people change it often, some people never do. Hair is one of those rare physical things in my life that is special, mostly because my mom is a hair dresser/crafter/artist. She runs a […]

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Another Look at Beauty

My friend Katie Johnson is an inspiration, whether you know it yet or not. She is someone who has consistently and constantly believed that beauty is nothing more than your love of self, and has written about the topic in this beautiful article penned by Meghan O’Dea. I often get asked how I choose my […]

Series: “Fears & Fairytales” Updated

I posted a while back about a new series I am working on. I am trying to keep my production to a minimum unless it is adding to one of two new collections I am creating, though I am sneaking a few in that don’t have homes. My series titled “Fears & Fairytales” is a […]

September Contest: Mystery & Intrigue

The September contest is now up and running with the theme “Mystery & Intrigue” taking center stage. As always this theme is very open-ended, and we will be looking for the photographs that embody this theme to display as the winners of the contest. As the theme is open-ended, the type of photography submitted can […]

Adventures through North Carolina

I spent one full week in North Carolina, specifically in Wilmington and Charlotte. It was a little strange traveling to North Carolina after all of the political strangeness going on, though mostly strange because of the sheer amount of people from North Carolina who apologized for their state…an interesting way to experience North Carolina! I […]

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I get asked the question of where I see myself in 5 or 10 years pretty frequently. Usually it is while teaching photography somewhere; people want to know what is coming next. More importantly, they want to know what I’m dreaming up, what I can envision coming next. To think about my life ten years […]

The Process of Shooting 3 Images

I recently had the pleasure of shooting one of the most perfect dresses I can imagine. Now normally I don’t pay huge attention to wardrobe in the sense that I am not shooting fashion. I care very much about the costume my model wears, but I don’t get overly excited about a gorgeous dress or […]

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Elusive Wind Spirit

(listen) Just a couple days ago I found myself alone on a lonely path in some lonely woods. It was cold out, the way winter should feel despite living in a place where winter never shows itself. The branches on the trees ached. I know this because I could feel them and see them. Some […]

My Aversion & Conversion to Black & White

For as long as I can remember I have never been the biggest fan of black and white images. I know, it probably sounds sacrilegious since largely the photography scene is all about a mutual admiration for black and white pictures. Recently though, I started giving the subject more thought. One thing I can say with some […]

2011: A Year in Photos VIDEO!

I’m going to let this video speak for itself. It is a true testament to how much inspiration is flying around, and what a great community of artists we have here. 2011 was a great year, if for nothing else than the fact that we came together, shared, and inspired. Thank you for being here […]