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Finding Strength

We are all strong in our own ways. There are plenty of ways that I am sure I come off as weak. For one, I’m scared of the dark. Yesterday I cried while reading a greeting card in the market, and then again when I passed the dead fish. So, perhaps, in some areas, I’m […]

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The Feelings of a New Year

I think that for a lot of people the time in between Christmas and New Years is an important time, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there is almost certainly a feeling one gets leading up to a new year. Excitement. Anxiety. Nervousness. Change. Lack of change. All of these things measure what I personally […]

Before They Pass

This is a very personal sentiment that I want to share, in the hope that the basic idea of it will inspire someone else. This past year has been a bit different for me, in that I’ve had some difficult ideas of my own that I’ve had to spend time thinking about and dealing with. […]

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Finding Inspiration & Motivation in the Face of Adversity

This week I received an email from a most beautiful soul, asking if I would write about the topic of how to find inspiration when life is getting you down. I’m extremely empathetic and I take on others pain and joy very easily, and after reading her email, I cried for her. And if I […]

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Yes, I Like My Pictures

Somehow it can feel naughty to say that I like my own pictures. Have you ever felt that? That you would somehow be perceived as not being humble, or being narcissistic, if you said that you love what you do? I don’t love every single picture that I take, hence why I only show 50% […]

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Why I Tried and Failed at Instagram

I’ve written before about how much I dislike my smart phone. And I really do. I don’t like it. I don’t get notifications on my phone and I try to use it as much like a regular, non-internet, semi-non-functioning phone most of the time. When I travel I find use in it so I can […]

Reconnecting With My 9th Grade Teacher

First of all, Mr. Kneier, please don’t judge me too harshly based on my grammatical errors. Grammar was never my strong suit. Spinning a yarn, though, now that I can do. A few months ago I got an email that surprised me. It was my 9th grade English teacher. For some backstory, this was me […]

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A Little Smile Goes a Long Way

I’m going to write about something that might not be the newest of topics, but since I felt the need to say it and hear it, I thought maybe someone else would benefit from it as well. The internet is a polarizing place. There are people who are positive and happy and there are those […]

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The Thing About Smart Phones…

I say, without reservation, that I am the worst multitasker to ever appear on planet Earth. In fact, just before writing this blog post, I was supposed to answer emails while simultaneously checking on dinner. But then I got frustrated, started daydreaming, and ended up here, writing in my blog. It’s not that I can’t […]

The F Word

If you’ve ever read my blog before you know how I feel about the F word. I don’t say it, don’t believe in it, and don’t think you should either. Failure is nothing more than an opportunity awarded, a chance to be something more than what you are, a second chance. Failure is being given […]

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