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Capture Inspiration Photo Retreat in Los Angeles: New Year’s Style!

Congratulations to Farraha of Farraha Lynn Photography – I can’t wait to spend time with you in Los Angeles in January! Thank you to SongFreedom for agreeing to fly her out to spend the weekend with us! The video Farraha recorded is private and will not be shared, but suffice it to say she melted […]

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Capture Inspiration Photo Retreat Contest

Ever since having some really intimate and amazing experiences this year with other creatives where we could truly bond over a period of time and learn from each other, I wanted to replicate that situation in workshop form. I decided to start teaching photo retreats, where roughly 10 individuals could spend 2 1/2 days living […]

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My Time in Kolkata, India (part 1)

How do you begin to write the story of an adventure that changed your life in ways that words cannot capture? I have had the last few days to rest after getting back from India (though I do have a nasty cold), and all I find myself doing is coming to dead ends when trying […]

Loose Ends

Do you ever look back at your life and wonder how you came to be at the very spot you are standing in? I’m the type of person that is very practical about such things. I trace my steps and make sure that I have control over the situations I put myself in. But today […]

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Inspirational & Motivational Posters

Photography is incredibly impactful not only for those who take pictures, but also for those who view them. It changes our perception of the world. It changes who we are. It allows us to explore different sides of ourselves. It challenges us. It motivates us. It defines us. Below are four motivational posters in which […]

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“If I Could Fly…” India Fundraiser

In January I will travel to India to teach photography to survivors of human trafficking. While I am there I will be giving the participants the knowledge they need to tell their stories through photography. I will also be photographing many of the people in attendance, and when the trip is over an exhibition of […]

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Unique Portrait Photo Fundraiser for India Event!

In January I have the privilege of traveling to India to work with an amazing organization called Blossomy that helps survivors of human trafficking in Kolkata. For a long time I have wanted to get involved with charity work but wasn’t sure of how to go about it. The idea is simple enough, but the […]

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