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Contest #4: Supernatural Winners

I knew that when I chose “supernatural” as the October contest theme I’d be seeing some verrrrry interesting submissions. Indeed that was true – everything from blood and gore to levitation to ghostly imagery. It was all so much fun to look at, and I’ve chosen the winners – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, plus some honorable mentions that I just couldn’t leave out. All so talented, and all very much worth checking out. Each picture is a link to the artist’s work, so click through! Also below you will find the November contest theme…and as these cold months start, I hope having a theme will provide some inspiration on those wintry days.

And so…presenting the 1st place winner…

1st Place: Giorgia Pallaro for “Spleen”

Upon seeing this image, I let out a gasp. I instantly felt empathy towards this character. I felt that I wanted to help him. I felt sorry for him. I love an image that can strike that connection upon first glance. It is not an image that strikes you over the head as being supernatural. For me, it was more of a feeling. The powder in the shot seemed like a spirit slipping through the boy’s hands, as though he was trying to touch it but could not feel it. The lighting creates a wonderful mood, and the blank space gives a sense of wonder. The character is neither here or nor there, but instead in an in-between realm, connected to the spirit world. Well done!

2nd Place: Stephen Beadles for “Bride to Be”

I have long admired Stephen as being a wonderful photographic artist, and this picture proves again why I believe in his talent. The otherworldly atmosphere here is immediately striking. The white glow of light creating a silhouette with the figure is beautiful, but it is the position of the model, a perfectly shadowed profile, that really stands out. The image is very alien-esque in the sense that the land is anonymous, the light seems to be of a different world, and the subject seems so calm. It is beautiful and scary at the same time, and does indeed embody a supernatural atmosphere.

3rd Place: Shanti Matulewski for “Ghost Dream”

This picture seemed both classic and innovative at the same time. The black and white gave it a nostalgic feeling that went well with the ghostly imagery. I thing the two solid faces with one blurred body is striking, and among the trees which look like hands coming down from above, the image took on a very supernatural feeling. The composition struck me first. the two girls move through the frame and we want to know where they are going. It draws up questions of who she is and why she stands before us. I find this to be a very haunting image.

Congrats to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! I will be sending a prize package in the mail to Giorgia shortly. Now for some honorable mention photographs, and the announcement of the new contest theme…

Honorable Mentions:


The new theme for the month of November is…


 Please interpret this theme however you see fit, all submissions are welcome.

Each person entering the competition can submit up to 3 links in the “Forum” page of my¬†Facebook. They can be new or old photographs, just as long as they fit the theme of MOTION in some way. I will be making the announcement of the winners on Thursday, December 1st, and the 1st place winner will receive a prize package in the mail. I will be sending along an assortment of props/costume materials.

Thank you for viewing and joining the contest!! And Happy Halloween!!

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